How depressing - the thing that is essential for my approach to online teaching/learning did not even make the list: there is nothing here about students blogging or publishing websites.
Give me a Ning or some other blogging/microblogging network over an LMS any day! 
Thanks to +Moss Pike for the share... it's a good reminder of just how a lot of LMS features really have nothing to do with actual teaching/learning at all, but are instead all about "managing" people and things...
Learning Management Systems Comparison Checklist of Features

Are you looking for a new Learning Management System? Would you be interested in a LMSs comparison checklist? At the following article you will find a list of 99 LMS features that you can use to compare LMS Vendors.

At the eLearning Industry we see an increasing number of LMS vendors that continuously strengthen and improve their LMS solutions. However, with some many LMS providers and 1000+ of LMS solutions at the global eLearning market it is really hard to find the Best LMS solution that fits your specific requirements.

What are the most important features in a Learning Management System?
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