The power of OPEN... versus the death-grip of closed. My school is still listing Gary England's Tornado Alley as a top marketing priority as you can see here ... but when I went to log on at the very closed Janux course (open enrollment, but the content is all closed closed closed), you can see it is dead in the water. The last activity, such as it was, 9 months ago. If they had made this an open site that people could naturally discover using search engines and link to (you know... hyperlinks? HTML? the Internet? does anybody remember the Internet?), then it might have taken off: weather is of huge interest in Oklahoma and Gary England is a huge celebrity. But by choosing to lock this up behind the Janux/NextThought password-protected barrier, they have killed it. I wonder if anybody from the marketing team has logged on to the course in recent memory... Screenshot below is from me logging on just now. You can log on too; it's open enrollment after all. You just have to make an account, remember your password, blah blah blah blah blah.
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