I don't know what's up with all these brainstorms lately: is it some extra dose of braininess that I got from just turning 50? Is it from having postponed content redesign in this class for so many years? Well, anyway, every new day is bringing me some great new ideas. Here's something I figured out for content development. Previously, I had 14 weeks with every week being a separate module - or, rather, a choice of two modules. That was good for promoting the idea of "every week is a fresh start," but I'd really like to get students seeing some connections between weeks. Well, when I decided to use "review weeks" in this class as I do in Indian Epics, that left with me 12 weeks to cover, in two blocks of 6 weeks each. Very easy to manipulate! So, what I've done is to make those into 2-week segments, which means students will have a choice of two modules over that two-week period. I like the way this will give students with some real interest in a specific topic to go more in-depth if they want, while also allowing students to choose something different every week. You'll see what I mean if you look at the content map: in the first two-week period, students could do one classical and one Biblical module (just as in my current system), OR they can do classical modules, OR two Biblical modules. I think this is going to be good: more choice AND new opportunities to focus / make connections. Then, in the next two-week chunk, they can do one Middle Eastern and one Indian module, or two Middle Eastern, or two Indian, and so on.
And another revelation: even if I don't get all the notes and images done, these units are actually quite usable even in their preliminary stage of development, with just the story texts. So, I'm going to focus on a first run of getting the story texts up and running; that way I can be sure to have choices already for Fall. After I get 24 units up and running with stories, I'll then focus on the notes/images, but confident that I have choices enough for the semester, just as I do now. So exciting!
Okay, it's now Ovid time! :-)

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