One of the problems I had with +Inoreader last semester was the one-time fetch so that the first version of a blog post that my students published was the only version I saw in Inoreader. Normally not a problem, but when students would sometimes publish a partial draft or when they had a real problem to fix in a blog post, it added extra steps for me to check on current blog post contents and I also had to manually remove the post from the class stream. Now, though, the update feature is great. A student had a little problem with a link in a post, fixed it really quickly, and sure enough, the corrected version is there in Inoreader for me now automatically; I don't have to click on the globe icon like I used to in order to see the post on the web. This is such a big help, especially now at the beginning of the semester when I am following up with students just to make sure they are confident about making links and other blog formatting details. Whoo-hoo! #OpenTeachingOU 
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