I thought I'd share another screenshot as an example of my workflow with the mighty +Inoreader  . Even if you are not interested in this particular tool, I'd like to make a larger point here: when you have powerful tools that are built for real productivity (and oh my gosh: Inoreader is a serious power tool for serious productivity!), you are going to be much better off than with a faux-tool inside a Learning Management System (I say that as someone who works at a D2L BS school... but I'm sure other frustrated LMS users would concur). So, here is the task I am managing: I've got blogs coming in from two classes, and one of the posts last week was the Introduction post - so I've got 80 of those to read this week, and I am reading 16 each day (because, hey, you really can get too much of a good thing; I don't want to read more than that many in a single sitting). So, all those Introduction posts are tagged Introduction, which means they are in a "smart folder" (tags are folders, just like in Gmail) - I click on the tag and see all the contents of the folder. The MF and IE naming convention for each feed lets me see at a glance which student is in which class (esp. at beginning of the semester, I need that). Everything in the folder is technically "marked as read" because I scanned it when it came in to make sure it was tagged. Everything with a gold star is lacking a comment. So, I quickly "mark as unread" 16 posts (you just click on the little blue bar on the left of each post in this view); those are the ones I will comment on in this session. As I comment, I add a comment label, remove the star (yeah, that's redundant, but I'm prone to make errors, so some redundancy in the system is good), and it's automatically marked as read since I really did read it! Admittedly, I'm just making this up as I go along, but for every task I have wanted to manage both this week and last, I have had all the features I needed right there in Inoreader, with a smart, comfortable, friendly interface. YES! Now I will go read. :-)
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