One of the problems my students always run into with blog posts and webpages is that they copy-and-paste images from other websites (which results in remote linking) rather than copying and uploading. It's a real problem because it's hard for me to detect. I only notice it when they remote link to a site that does NOT allow remote linking, so that an error message is displayed. This semester, I have decided to be more vigilant about this problem, checking the blog posts from the first week to make sure students understand the difference between uploading the image and remote linking (see help page below). I figure an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure here... although this is the kind of nitty-gritty that I expect most faculty don't like to get involved in, just like they don't like to get involved with the nitty-gritty of student writing. But to me, it's the same kind of thing: remote linking is the equivalent of a punctuation error in writing. It's not always a problem, but sometimes it actually is a huge problem, like when the site does not allow remote linking or when the image later disappears. So too with punctuation: commas, for example, are sometimes not a big deal... but sometimes (Let's eat Grandma!), they are a matter of life and death, ha ha.
Anyway, I wish students got more feedback about their work on the nitty-gritty level. But they don't. My preference would be for smaller, shorter assignments where we could really pay attention to what students are doing and give them detailed feedback, both nitty-gritty technical stuff (formatting, punctuation, etc.) but also really engage with their ideas in detail.... as opposed to assignments like end-of-semester term papers where students get a grade and no real feedback at all! #OpenTeachingOU
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