I'm making HUGE progress on my content development plan. I realized that while some students will want/need fully annotated reading units, there's no reason why I cannot offer more "raw" units under development already this fall. So, my goal for summer is now:

1. Have at least 12 and hopefully 24 fully annotated units in place (it's okay if I am still doing some annotations at beginning of semester, working just ahead of the students).

2. Have the raw stories proofread for all 72 units up and available - just the stories, but no annotations and probably without illustrations unless I happen to have an already illustrated source.

I have identified all the sources and done more of the culling to get the units down to 15,000 words. So it's really just a matter of creating the blog units and proofreading to get all of that ready for the students. I am so excited about that - letting students create their own paths and follow more of their own interests should really help make the content side of the class more meaningful! I also expect a boost for the Storybook projects as any one of these units is fair game for a Storybook and students with minimal time to spend might be glad to work with content that has already been selected for the class.

This is proving to be so much fun... I cannot believe what a relief it was to come up with the idea for Reading Diaries (NO MORE QUIZZES), which is what has made this whole content development process possible. Whoo-hoo!
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