Well, in some sense the Un-Textbook is DONE! I finished up the last of the overviews today, so the European module, the LAST one, is done. I've still got a ton of work to do for things to be really ready for students, but in terms of the skeleton, it is all the bones, ha ha. You can see the European module with the units all listed together on one page here, overviews and tables of content for all of them. Whoo-hoo!
By the time students reach this point in the semester, they probably will only need one week of reading rather than two... but I hope they will be very tempted to do two weeks of reading anyway. There is so much great stuff here and I have succeeded in weaving in the epic themes, with both Dante and Kalevala available here. My class was always strong on fairy tales and folktales but now I have done a much better job with making sure epic is represented also, in admittedly tiny chunks. :-)
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