Today is the day I am posting the last Native stories units. I just did this Canadian unit, which is the last of the Judson books (this one came from an OCR so it will take an extra round or two of proofreading), and later today I'll do one more unit from Stith Thompson. I could go on and on with these units, so it's a good thing I have my plan in my place to get through what I need to do this summer without getting derailed. But first thing of all when I start adding more units a year or so from now is to come back here and build more of these Native units. Just for my own sheer enjoyment and learning, these are the stories that I enjoy the most. I hope I can get the students excited about them too! Esp. teaching in Oklahoma (which should have been two states... the State of Sequoyah:, I feel really good about expanding my class in this way. :-)
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