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Eeek, not optimistic about the Berkeley Writing MOOC I had signed up for... our first communication is taking place via... a listserve? Seriously: the instructor sent out an email asking everybody to reply to the listserve with their goals and expectations for the class.
A listserve.
For a massive online class.
In 2013.
Something is really not right about this...
This is just the top of the conversation - thank goodness GMail combines all the items with identical subject lines into a single conversation instead of flooding my inbox with separate messages...
I've pasted in below the original message... it contains no link to anything online. Nothing. Just email.
Hello everyone,

As the Writing MOOC is still being revised and programmed, I would be very happy to hear what you all hope to get out of the MOOC. Maybe you can answer some of these questions if you have time:

1. What do you want to learn?
2. What are your personal goals for writing?
3. What kind of writing do you want to learn to do better?

Or, any other thoughts and opinions you have.
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That sounds like quite a challenge. Fingers crossed for a good outcome.
Well, I'm going to abandon ship before it even sails unless things improve. I find this incredibly depressing. To me, online tools are a way to create a really great environment for the sharing of writing... but an email listserve is not on the list of tools I am prepared to use in 2013.
Couldn't agree more. I am still on the hunt for really good (good is enough, no need for excellence ;) ) online learning experiences. Not really easy, until now the one good one of 12 was MIT's LCL ( Often I read through all the available material and quit befor even the first assignment take place.

... and I can hardly wait for the Zombie-MOOC ...
I think we should get the organisers on here and run our own online course for them on how to run an online course - or, at least, start it off well... This sounds dreadful. 

I've enjoyed Udacity's offerings so far - even talking heads can be OK if they talk sense and don't go on for too long.
A listserv? Seriously? I don't blame you for abandoning ship if that's an example of how the course is going to be run.
+David Roy I signed up for the listserve some months ago just in order to get a notification of when the class would be ready for sign-in ... I had no idea the listserv would actually be a tool used for the class!
I laughed so much at this that my 5yo son came running up to me. He said, "Daddy, Daddy. Tell me what is funny".
I told him it was a bit difficult to explain, but he made me read 'every word' so he could make his own mind up.
After reading--and giggling again--I asked my son if he understood. He retained a totally serious look and answered, "No. Let's play Winnie the Pooh instead".

So as you were despairing at a listserv in 2013, I was being Tigger having a swim and Piglet having a panic.
Oh, now I want to go read some Winnie for myself. He is always so soothing......!!! We ALL could use more Winnie the Pooh! (I have the book also in a lovely Latin translation: Winnie Ille Pooh).
Happy Tigger-ing!!!
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