So, today was a big day: I finally feel close enough to the end of the Myth-Folklore UN-Textbook that I can spend some time over the next few weeks doing some work on the Indian Epics class too. I'm thinking I will do a big Indian Epics project next summer... but I don't want the students in that class to feel completely neglected for now. So, I added a couple of columns to the spreadsheet-that-rules-my-summer for what I can accomplish for Indian Epics this summer:

1. Images. I want to create blog post pages for all the images in my Epic Images widget so that I can start to build some commentary and easily link to each of those images. The widget I made has 620 images that I found at Wikipedia which are relevant to the Ramayana and the Mahabharata and I've made good use of those in the class announcements; supporting the widget with a big bunch of blog pages will be even better, especially because I can add detail close-ups for images that have large-size files available. Students will be able to comment on the images that way, ask questions, etc. So, starting today I'll be adding 20 image posts per day to the blog here:

2. Reading Guides. I'll also be relocating my Reading Guides to this blog, and moving one of the Guides every day, which will allow me to finish by August 1 (there are 24 Reading Guides). I'm thinking those Reading Guides will be the focus of my efforts next summer, so getting them moved to a blog and cleaned up will be a good start, and then I can solicit the students' help by asking them to comment on the Guides, ask questions, etc. — a level of interactivity that is easy at a blog but which was not possible at my old (soooooooo old) website. 

Anyway, I could say lots more about all that since I really have been getting some ideas about how to improve that class thanks to the brainstorming I've been doing about the Myth-Folklore class every day this summer.

What a fun summer! So relaxing and stimulating at the same time!
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