Week 4 in Myth-Folklore This is Week 4 in the Myth-Folklore class and for this week and next week students are choosing and reading from story collections that come from the Middle East and India. Below is a link to the live feed (via +Inoreader !!!) of their Reading Diary blog posts. It's not possible to make reading "visible" exactly (and no, I have zero interest in software that tracks people's eyeballs on a screen, ugh, no matter how big the data it might generate!), but it is such a pleasure to scroll through the diaries and see what options people are choosing and what their comments are about the stories that grab their attention! This semester, there's also an "extra" reading option each week where they can read some more from this Mideast/India section or explore other reading units from the class. LOTS of reading going on. I am very happy about all of that, and this week students will be browsing around in each other's reading diaries also, which will be fun too! :-)
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