Pinterest Update: So far, the Pinterest experiment is going great! There are some SERIOUS Pinterest people in the class who have lots of Boards already and are very enthused. So far almost everybody has said that they are thinking about using Pinterest as a bookmarking option (extra credit: it works wonders!), although some of the guys are a bit dubious, ha ha. As they get started, some people are repinning from my Boards, but other people are pinning new items from the Internet. The more people who pin, the better... and I am really REALLY curious to see what kind of content stream this will be like for the class, and how I will get to reuse it. I'm optimistic that I will be able to get into the habit of repinning AND tweeting at the same time (Pinterest has Twitter integration), so it will add to the class Twitter stream while also building up my own class-related Boards. Here's how people get started this week with their class Board:
This is not due until Thursday, so the 19 people who already have Boards are working that much ahead, or farther!
Last semester, I offered people a choice of Twitter and/or Pinterest for extra credit, and I think that was a case of choice NOT being a good thing: it divided the classes' efforts so we did not reach critical mass. Pinterest was the clear favorite, so that is why I chose it over Twitter to have as an Orientation week activity, something to try right from the start of the semester, and I'm feeling good about that choice. Twitter is just confusing because of the mix of personal/school but Pinterest is super-easy that way, since people naturally create a new Board for class if they are already a Pinterest user.
Below is a screenshot of Inoreader's card view of the Pinterest Boards in Myth-Folklore. Being able to subscribe to the Boards via their RSS is a huge plus. In fact, that's what really prompted me to do this; the Pinterest notifications system is too clunky, and I don't have time to keep up with it minute by minute, but RSS lets the pins just sit and wait until I can get around to them, just like with student blog posts.
So far, so good!!!!!! 
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