BILLIONS OF UN-TEXTBOOKS. With the latest reading unit added (Thompson's Native American Hero Tales), I am pleased to announce that I am now over one hundred billion UN-textbooks, thanks to the power of combinatorics, ha ha.
Here's a reminder of how that works: the class consists of 15 weeks. That is 1 orientation week, 12 reading weeks, and 2 review weeks. Those 12 reading weeks are divided up into 6 two-week modules, with 16 possible reading options during each of those two weeks.
So, for example, in the Classical/Biblical module, students have 240 possible combinations (choice of 16 units the first week, choice of remaining 15 units the second week: Iliad and Odyssey, Bible Women and Women Saints, Aesop and Jewish Fairy Tales, and on and on). The real power, of course, comes from iterating that process six times. Ultimately, all the modules will have 16 units (and the Mideast/India unit will have 20), yielding hundreds of trillions of "un-textbooks" created by the students as they choose their pathways. Right now, I have published 61 units, distributed as follows:
Classical/Biblical: 16*15
Mideast/India: 6*5
Asia/Africa: 6*5
Native: 16*15
British: 12*11
European: 5*4
Result: the number of possible "textbooks" freely created for free by the students based on their own interests and preferences: 136,857,600,000.
Yep, that's one-hundred-thirty-six billion. :-)
To find out more about the units and see the progress day to day this summer, there's the blog of actual content:
The Content Plan:
And a daily course redesign diary blog too:
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