Here is today's new unit: South African folktales, featuring Jackal, the dangerous trickster. After having such a great time with the Native American tricksters over the past couple of weeks, I thought moving on to the Africa module was a good choice! I already had stories from Nigeria and West Africa up, plus a Brer Rabbit unit and Jamaican Anansi stories. I still need to add a Congo unit, one more Brer Rabbit unit, plus a selection of stories from Andrew Lang to finish up the module, all of which I should be able to get done early next week. Andrew Lang might seem like an odd choice, but there are actually some good African stories in his fairy books, and they have the advantage of audio: all the Andrew Lang fairy books are available at LibriVox. Since I am short on audio for the Africa module, it's worth including the Andrew Lang stories to make sure there are some audio options. William Barker's West African Folktales are at LibriVox too thank goodness! And Brer Rabbit. :-)
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