Working my way through education blogs today (man, I get behind on so many things when I am out of town)... and what a bummer to find this blog post from Paul Thomas which is basically an Alfie-Kohn-redux where growth mindset is equated with grit AND rigor (??????????) as the three horsemen of the school reform apocalypse. Here is the comment I left (awaiting moderation):
UPDATE: Comment was not published. I did not suspect Paul Thomas would be censoring any comments that disagreed with him. So, lesson learned: not a blog where it is worth the trouble to comment.
Wow, about growth mindset here, I really have to disagree. In the monotonous, mind-numbing litany of tests and grades at my school, I have found sharing growth mindset with students to be very liberatory, especially for students who have been negatively labeled in school and who have internalized that negative view. There is not and should not be anything deficit-driven about this approach: just the opposite! More about how I see that happening here:
10 Reasons Why Growth Mindset Works for Me
10 Ways to Give Your Students the Gift of Slack
Yes, that second post in particular was very much inspired by one of your blog posts, and I have been a regular reader of your blog for quite some time. I usually don't leave contrary comments on a blog, but I was really taken aback by your equation of growth mindset and grit and rigor as if they were all the same (they are not), so I felt obliged to comment. I understand the dangers of deficit labeling; in my experience, growth mindset is a valuable strategy to use against that very danger.
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