At noon today, I turn in grades (and yes, some students are still working away...), and the summer REALLY begins tomorrow! So, my goal by the end of the summer is to have: 72 of my reading units blogged with online sources for the complete books listed, all the stories proofread, 48 of those units illustrated, 24 of those units with story-by-story commentary from me plus introductory comments, along with fully revised Indian Epics reading guides (24 of those). I've got about 80 glorious days of summer in front of me to do that. So, I made a plan. With a plan, that means I can sit on the back porch and drink margaritas WITHOUT feeling guilty... because the spreadsheet will tell me all is well.
I really like this spreadsheet approach to tasks - I usually just work on one task per day, getting ahead on that, and then moving on to another task the next day, eventually catching up to myself. But it's totally flexible while also being totally accurate. And honest: until I sat down and made this sheet, I really wasn't sure if I had been kidding myself about redoing the whole website in a single summer or not! 
Anyway, this is a lot like the big push I made two summers ago when I wrote my last Latin poetry book. That was a GREAT summer, happily presided over by a similar spreadsheet. I hope this summer will be just as nice. 
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