+Debbie Morrison has expressed perfectly here the price (not in dollars) we are paying for the MOOC fad: it has been a setback for those of us who are really working hard to find and share the great potential that online teaching does offer. Open? Yes! Online? Yes! Courses? Okay, that can work. But massive? How about M for misguided instead...? Missed opportunity? Megalomania? Take your pick! Here's Debbie's assessment:
quote Insight: It’s no coincidence that the recent decline in the acceptance of online learning among faculty coincides with expansion of MOOCs. Massive Open Online Courses put the mode of online education under the spotlight, yet the misconception that MOOCs represent all modes of online education expanded along with the MOOC phenomenon. The majority of academic leaders missed out on an opportunity to use the MOOC phenomenon as a vehicle to involve and educate faculty on new pedagogy, fundamentals of online and blended learning, and multi-modes of instruction and learning offered by technology in and out of the classroom.
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