I am so happy with how the Kalevala unit has turned out! I just finished proofing the pages; I still need to add images and the audio links, and, eventually, notes on each page since this is one of those units that will very much benefit from some notes to help keep the readers oriented. But anyway, even though it is just a selection from the first cycle of stories in the epic (the stories about Väinämöinen), I think it really stands very nicely on its own. I remember debating back and forth about just which runos to include in order to get the right length, and now having just read through the whole thing, I am very pleased with the results. I hope I can entice some students to read this! I am guessing that most of them have never heard of it, but I will probably get at least a few students who have read Homer, and surely they can enticed... plus the students who choose Hiawatha as a reading option (and there will be at least some I am sure!) can also be enticed... and I also suspect that the tragic, supernatural story of Aino will be attractive also! Anyway, we'll see. I'm working against an even bigger constraint which is that the European units come at the end of the semester, when some students may be finishing earlier... well, I am so curious just to see how this all evolves!!!
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