As often, even though the articles about banning laptops just made me mad, they also got me thinking (and thank you, +Justin Schwamm for helping out with that!) about just how I want to enrich the note-taking process for my students, de-coupling it from the tyranny of tests and grades. I'm pretty happy with this first version of information about the new Reading Diary strategy to share with my students, and now that I have it in place, I can write up reading diaries myself all summer long, refining the ideas based on what I learn myself as I do the assignment again and again, seeing how it is (or is not) really useful AND fun.
I wonder how many faculty members actually do the assignments they give to their students? I know that I learn so much that way: if I myself have fun with an assignment, it is at least possible that the students will have fun too. Not a guarantee of course (my students are definitely not all the same, and they are certainly not all like me)... but at least it represents an honest hope on my part.
If, on the other hand, I do not enjoy an assignment, IT HAS TO GO. How could I ask/force students to do something that I find tedious and time-wasting? Call it The Golden Rule of Teaching and Learning. :-)
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