Lots here for higher ed. I especially like +Pernille Ripp 's item about doing your own homework. I only create activities for my classes that I would find fun and useful... that is not a guarantee that the students will feel the same (and I have retired many activities when it is clear the students did not feel the same about them as I did)... but that is the first step: is this something I want to do? and do I also want to see the results of what the students do? Unless the answer is yes to both questions, it's not going to work for me. And if my guess about the answers turns out to be wrong, out goes the activity, no matter how perfect i thought it would be.
quote Finally, they wish teachers actually did their own homework.  That they tried the assignments so they could see how difficult or confusing they may be.  That they worked through it with kids, not in a pretend way, but really, and then shared their own learning with students.  That teachers truly felt what it means to live the life of a student, along with the pressure of homework,  to understand why homework continues to be a problem for some.
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