I am so happy to see that students are completing the reading for Week 1 from the UnTextbook in Myth-Folklore. It's fun to see their Google Form results pop up (they fill out a little survey when they are done that gives me feedback and which also prompts reflection on their part to help in making their choice for next week). i got a GREAT suggestion from a student last semester that helped me figure out how students could do extra reading if they want, and that is going to be really interested to see. I will be very curious how many students choose the little essay option each week, and how many prefer instead to do the extra reading (it's one of those either-or things that gives poor D2L a heart-attack, but whatever...)
The UnTextbook itself is here:
It is going to be SO COOL when I switch the Indian Epics over to an UnTextbook approach for next year...! Counting the days till summer. What an adventure that is going to be!!!
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