Just added the last of the units for the British Isles module. I'm really happy with the mix of materials in this module: six folktale/fairytale collections (two English, two Welsh, two other Celtic), five hero legends (Beowulf, Mabinogion, King Arthur, Robin Hood, Britomart), three literary works (Canterbury Tales plus the two Alice books by Lewis Carroll), plus Aesop's fables ... and nursery rhymes!
King Arthur
Robin Hood (Ballads)
Canterbury Tales
Faerie Queene: Britomart
Alice in Wonderland  
Through the Looking-Glass  
English Aesop 
Nursery Rhymes 
English Fairy Tales
More English Fairy Tales  
Welsh Tales (Thomas) 
Welsh Tales (Emerson)
Celtic Tales   
More Celtic Fairy Tales 
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