Okay! The overviews and blurbs are all done for the Indian units; clickable links via http://goo.gl/zM9pCl
That means I now have the units AND overviews AND first round of proofreading all done for weeks 2-3 (Classica/Biblcal), weeks 4-5 (Mideast/India), weeks 6-7 (Asia/Africa) and weeks 9-10 (Native America). WHAT A RELIEF. I'm still nervous about all this, but at least I am not afraid that I will not be ready. I will be ready. Now I just hope the students will find it worthwhile!!!
Anyway, tons of work to do (this is just the very first stage of a long-term project...) and it will be so much easier to focus my efforts as I start getting feedback about all this from the students in August! :-)
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