So, people might remember the post below - I just had my follow-up interview today, and the interview was a lot of fun, plus it felt GREAT to hear the comments that the students had made about the Storybook projects. There were three students in their pool who had chosen the Storybook project as a meaningful college writing experience, and they were interviewed about that - so during my interview today, the interviewer read to me the students' comments about what they liked most about the project, why it was meaningful, how it could help them in their future lives. The students said such different things - which made me really happy.

One student talked about how they got to CHOOSE the project and be creative, do their own thing, etc.

Another student talking about how it was TEXT AND IMAGES, and by working with text and images together to tell an extended story they were able to really express themselves in a way they found meaningful.

The third student talked about how they learned what EDITING is all about, how to edit their own work, how to give and receive editing feedback, work together with other students.

How cool is that??? Because of course there are so many different goals that I have with this project, and it felt great to realize that the students are indeed connecting with a range of different goals, based on their own interests and priorities.

In terms of the questions the interviewer asked me, it was all pretty straightforward descriptions of class procedures, but one very interesting question was whether this project was like or unlike the most memorable writing experience I had as an undergraduate... and I realized I did not have any writing experience I would say was meaningful as an undergraduate. I hated writing papers, and I would always just throw my papers out when I got them back... as many or even most students do I suspect. But I had never really thought about that, how this writing project is kind of the opposite of my own undergraduate writing experience. 

That made me REALLY curious about how other faculty members answered that question: are they trying to give to their students the same positive experience they remember from their own undergraduate days OR are they trying to provide the kind of experience that they never got to have as undergraduates. I am in that second category, but I bet there are some faculty who are in that first category.

Apparently the results of all this will be published... but as a book. So I guess it will be several years at least before it takes shape, because writing the book of course will take time and then the lag time until the actual publication. But still, I will be curious, and of course I am so excited that my students got to contribute their experiences to a project like this, which allowed me to be part of that also! Whoo-hoo!
People, something just happened that really made my day (and, after the disaster of last week, I can say that it made my week!) - I just got an automated email... in fact, I got 3 of them, from the director of our Writing Center. See below; in a random survey of OU students, some student (or maybe 3 students?) said that the Storybook for my class was their most meaningful writing experience. 
OH MY GOSH. You can imagine: I am thrilled. 
As a result, it apparently means that someone will interview me about the writing process in my class for this study, etc. etc. See below.
Anyway, I am really happy. And also laughing because of course I am NOT a professor (despite what the email says, ha ha), yet even though I am just an adjunct, I care A LOT about student writing, and I work really hard to make my Gen. Ed. classes a valuable part of students' careers here at OU.
So happy! You can imagine: SO HAPPY!!!
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