Another reason for #OpenTeachingOU ... if faculty are frustrated that people don't know what they do all day, then they should share more about what they do openly. I know my job as a 100% instructor is completely different from the jobs of tenured faculty at my school who are only supposed to spend 40% of their time on teaching and will be reprimanded for doing otherwise (that was a big reason why I left my former TT-track job). It seems to me entirely possible that Governor Walker doesn't understand these basic distinctions. Of course it's possible and maybe even probable that he doesn't really want to understand, but universities, esp. public universities, and their faculty are also at fault for not practicing the transparency that would make it easy to see what they are actually doing and why. If "it's a shame" that people don't understand more about how universities work as Raymond Cross says below, well, shame on the universities for not using open, accessible social media to share that information more publicly.
quote The university system’s president, Raymond W. Cross, has expressed similar dismay. Asked during a radio interview about the governor’s remarks, Mr. Cross paused before giving a measured response. “I’m frustrated over that,” he said. “I think it’s a shame that people don’t understand what faculty really do.”
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