P.S. Consider this also as a rant about personalized learning. It does not take big data or fancy AI or millions of dollars (i.e. Coursera, edX, Janux, etc.) to create personalized learning for students. Just try this instead: LET STUDENTS CHOOSE. And be sure you give them great stuff to choose from. That's what you need for personalized learning. 
For anybody who was in the awful Fantasy-SciFi course from Coursera, think back on how that class worked (or did not work), and how much it would have benefited from a personalized approach where students could choose their own reading instead of being marched through the same novel, like it or not, week after week after week.
Students have always had reading choices every week in my class, but my new approach takes that to totally new levels. I am SO EXCITED to see the choices that the students will make - and, in addition to benefiting students, their choices will also give me super feedback about how to keep on improving the reading selections.
More details:
Today is a big day for me in my content develop process! I am adding the final unit (Adam and Eve) to the first two-week chunk. The units all still need work, of course, but now I am able to lay out what the decision-making process will look like as students choose what to read. There are so many amazing possibilities now compared to how my class used to work. I am really hoping that students will now have the feeling that they are building a class that is driven by their interests... along with a sense of how much there is to read. I want to give them a sense of following their own learning path AND also to show that there is never enough we can learn about these storytelling traditions. I am passionately enthusiastic about each and every one of these units so I actually hope that it will be hard for them to choose... ALL the units are good choices!
Details, clickable links, more info for students taking shape here:
(I need to leave this as a GoogleDocs page rather than a blog post because I need the width of the table!)
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