To help me keep track of which units already have illustrations on all the pages, I've added a little "image icon" to the display of the units. I'm hoping (hoping!) to get all 100 units illustrated by August, but it's not essential that I get that done. Meanwhile, for students who really do know that they benefit from the visual stimulus/focus of having an illustration to go with each story, they will be able to quickly see which units are illustrated and which are not. Plus, having this set of keys in place will also help me as I continue to add units even during the school year (something I was never able to do before because of the totally inflexible LMS and also my very static website). So, it's always possible that there will be units that are not illustrated (yet), and this will help me and the students keep track of that.
Below is a screenshot for my most complete module (Classical/Bible); the document here lists all six such modules, showing the various stages of (in)completeness:
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