The spreadsheet that rules my life this summer continues to rule my life... but the units column is done! It felt weird (good weird!) to get up this morning and have the item at the top of the list be proofreading rather than the months-long imperative of "add new units! add new units!" My hope is that by August 1 I can finish the proofreading, library pages, and the overviews, along with finishing all the new Indian Epics reading guides. If I manage to get all the images done too, that would be super, but those can wait if need be. It can all wait, in fact. So long as I am able to stay three weeks or so ahead of the students at this point, it will be fine! But of course the more I can do in advance, the better, since August is going to be the usual crazy-busy month it always is in terms of actually prepping the classes as I usually do. In fact, more than usual because of all the assignments that need rewriting. But that will be a pleasure, too, of course!
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