I'm really having fun making the posters for my Latin distichs again (I'm doing new ones for each Bestiaria post now), and I thought I would use this space to share the English translations:
Currus Mentis
Ira, cupido, metus, mentis quoque gaudia currus:
Esto auriga bonus; rex eris ista regens.
The Chariot of the Mind
Anger, desire, fear, (Ira, cupido, metus) and joys also (quoque gaudia) are the chariot of the mind (mentis currus): be a good chariot-driver (Esto auriga bonus); you will be a king (rex eris) if you can control those things (ista regens).
More about the poem: http://distichalatina.blogspot.com/2012/07/currus-mentis.html - it's by Iohannes Pignevvart (1624).
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