So, next week is HUGE in my classes because it is when students start commenting on each other's projects. I've staged that more carefully than in the past, with three preliminary weeks zooming in on some areas where I thought people needed some help (how to write more detailed comments, and also how to do a better job with the author's notes on their own projects). By postponing it this way, I've inadvertently created a nice sense of anticipation and excitement among the students; lots of them have remarked in their blog posts about how they are so curious to see what other people have come up with for their projects. And it's true: I'm the ONLY person right now who knows what's going on with the projects... but on Tuesday, all will be revealed. I've still got some work to do between now and then (a huge bunch of project websites will come in tomorrow, so on Monday I'll be building the directory and Pinterest Boards also)... but I am excited for next week!!! The students are going to be amazed I think at all the good stuff there is for them to explore and enjoy!!! #OpenTeachingOU  
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