So, +Inoreader   continues to transform my class blogging experience in ways I had not even anticipated - SO EXCITING. I now have a really good way to skim and scan the blog posts as they come in (and with literally hundreds of posts each week, that is no mean feat, but it is easy to do as I check periodically during the day). I set up a rule that flags all incoming posts as "NoComment" and most are also automatically flagged for the assignment, along with "needcomment" for the assignments that could use comments (not that I will get to them, but I you never know...). Then, I use NoComment as the flag that lets me know I have not scanned a post. I scan, add tags as necessary (some students don't include a keyword in their title so I have to add the assignment tag), plus I tag exemplary items to share, and also remove problematic items from any automatic sharing (esp. at beginning of semester, some students are still not quite clear on how some assignments work, or else they write a post that is impossibly long, etc.) ... so, I keep up with what's going on better than before, intervene when there is a problem, but here is the BEST part about all of this: by sharing via the HTML clippings, I can allow students an up-to-date stream of other student work to look at for ideas and inspiration!!! You can see how I did that in today's announcements, for example, where I have a stream going on Reading Diaries that students can look at as they figure out their own style. I am so impressed at the variety of approaches students are taking to notetaking, and esp. for students who are in danger of drifting off into (not very useful) plot summaries, seeing how other students incorporate thoughts, ideas, questions, etc. into their diaries could be very liberating I think... more so than anything I provide by way of instructions for an assignment.
So, Inoreader has completely transformed the "blog flow" in my classes in ways I never even dreamed possible. THANK YOU, Inoreader: I cannot imagine doing without a tool like this now... and I guess I am just glad that I never missed it before since I never dared hope for something that would work like this! 
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