And with that new unit, I am now getting closer to that hilarious three hundred trillion textbooks, ha ha. With the units I have posted so far, my Myth-Folklore un-textbook has over 62 billion options! (62,726,400,000)
Take that, number-crunching MOOCers. Shades of McDonalds: billions of textbooks served. 
Details re: the calculations below; what I have right now is 16*15*6*5*6*5*11*10*12*11*5*4.
And here is the new unit:
Myths and Legends of the Great Plains by Katharine Berry Judson (1913).
The power of math: I just got the idea to figure out how personalized the learning is with my new Myth-Folklore UN-textbook. If I punched in the numbers correctly, there are 300 TRILLION possible "courses" that the students might create for themselves. How freaky is that? And so cool!
Here's how it works: the class consists of 6 two-week units. Each of those two-week units has 16 reading options, and one of them actually has 20 (extras for India). So, in a given two-week period, you have a choice of 16 (or 20) options the first of the two weeks, and then a choice of 15 (or 19) remaining options in the second week. That process repeats six times during the semester.
Result: over 300 trillion unique combinations.
Now that is a massive textbook, mwahahahahahahahahahaha.
I'm calling it an un-textbook now because it is, you know, just a blog. :-)
I have 55 units of the 100 done so far. Adding another two units today. Whoo-hoo!
Admittedly, by August 1 I will just manage to get the units posted (about 2000 stories total I'm guesstimating) and hopefully every page with an illustration. Adding actual notes and commentary to all the pages will take me a solid year or two after that. But the modularity of this process is part of the charm; unlike waiting on a publisher to print the textbook, I can let the textbook grow, getting feedback from the students all the while.
My current class, I should note, has 14 weeks of reading, with a choice of 2 options each week. Total possibilities: 16,384.
So from sixteen thousand to three hundred trillion... all in a single summer. Ha!
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