I was inspired to do an index of the Aesop's fables in the four different Aesop units - there are a LOT of them (Aesop's fables are so short that a given unit has around 100 of them, depending on length). This will come in handy for me as I write up notes and want to refer people to Aesop's fables; instead of sending them to an outside source, I'll mostly be able to refer them to a version of the fable that is part of the reading for class! 
That's something I really had not anticipated at the beginning of this project; I started off just looking for a replacement for the reading content... but since I took this approach of wide-ranging content, the result is both a great set of reading selections for the students to choose from AND a resource that will be useful in every aspect of the class in all kinds of ways, kind of like a growing story encyclopedia. What fun!
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