Comic books ARRIVED!!! Box was in great shape. One bookshelf did the trick, plus the beautiful hardcovers which are on a different shelf - there's a 250-page Bhagawat: Krishna Avatar book, plus a huge three-volume Mahabharata hardcover in a slipcase (wow, I didn't expect anything that nice at all... that will be seriously perfect for my class). The only thing missing is the Tulsidas Ramayana for which they apologized and promised to send in 10-12 days. Since it will take me, uh, 1-2 years to read these, I think I can wait on Tulsidas, ha ha. As you can see, one comic book got a little crumpled but that was just from the straps they had used to bind them in sets of what must have been 50. I am AMAZED. +Stacy Zemke being able to have these also in the Library is going to be the coolest thing ever!!!! I've got one student who already wrote and asked if he could do the class again next Fall if we are going to have ACK reading options!!!
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