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Thanks to +Andres Soolo for this one:
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Reclaiming the word pussy was one of the more remarkable outcomes of the March yesterday, although I feel badly for parents and teachers who need to try to explain that to young ones
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Oooooh, for the reading files!
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@LDMay Congrats on your 1000❤ tweet! … … Bill Stewart · 6h6 hours ago. Bill Stewart @BillStewart415. @LDMay Sign at women's march says "What do we want? Evidence based science. When do we ...
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That's fantastic. 
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I love these signs!
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There were so many clever ones…
"Value the vulva"
"If I wanted the government in my pussy I'd fuck a senator."
"Super callous fascist bigot extra braggadocious"

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I'm including Warwick Goble in tomorrow's class announcements, so I made two animated gifs, one landscape and one portrait, with his illustrations for a book of Bengali folktales:
Today's free book is Folk-Tales of Bengal by Lal Behari Day, illustrated by Warwick Goble. You can find out more about this book in the Folktales of Bengal unit of the Myth-Folklore UnTextbook. For the table of contents, chec...
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Thanks to +Jennifer Freeman for this one. I couldn't believe all the religious crap in the speech. But if Creator is just a codeword for creating wealth, I guess it starts to make sense. Blech. That article led me to this other one about Paula White:
When it comes to the basics of Christianity, Trump could really do with a refresher course.
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The basic reason protestantism evolved is the personal relationship with God. That can be hard to explain. I also think he just says stuff. Stop listening to what he says and look at what he does.
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Laura Gibbs

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I did not know about this Auden translation!
or, The Shieldmaiden & the Sword
translated by W.H. Auden & Paul B. Taylor

A young maiden met at sunset
A man with his flock on Munarvag.

To visit this island all alone
Is overbold: go back to your lodging.

Hervor [the shieldmaiden]:
I have no lodging: of the island folk
I know none. I will not go back.
Before we part, first tell me
How I may come to the Hjordvard graves.

Do not ask: it is unwise.
You do not know your deadly peril:
Let us flee as fast as our feet can take us,
All without is a horror to view.

It is vain to hinder the viking's friend.
Show me the way: as a reward you shall have
This gold necklace: you will get nothing,
Nor ring nor ornament if you hold your peace.

To have come hither, all alone
To this land of shadows, was sheer folly,
Over fen and fold fires are soaring,
Graves are opening: let us go quickly.

Fear not the fire, fear not the graves:
Although the island be all aflame,
Never shall warriors while they live
Yield to terror. Tell me the way.

The herdsman had taken to his heels already,
Fled to the wood, far from the maiden,
But the fierce heart in Hervor's breast
Swelled up at the sight of these things.

She saw now the grave-fires and the graves standing open. She went to the howe and was not afraid. She passed the fires as if they were smoke, until she reached the graves of the berserks. Then she said:

Angantyr, wake! Hervor calls you,
Your only daughter whom you had by Tofa.
Give up from the grave the gleaming sword
That the dwarves smithied for Svafrlami.

Hervard, Hjorvard, Hrani, awake!
Hear me, all of you, under the tree-roots,
With sharp swords, with shields and byrnies
And red spears, the rig of war.

Much are you changed, children of Arngrim,
Once so mighty: are you mold now?
Will Eyfura's sons refuse to listen
Or speak with me on Munarvag?

May ants shred you all to pieces,
Dogs rend you; may you rot away.
Give back the sword that was smithied by Dvalin:
Fine weapons are unfit for ghosts.

Evil it is, Hervor, my daughter,
To call down such curses upon us:
Your words are mad, without meaning in them.
Why do you wake the bewildered dead?

Nor father nor brothers buried me deep.
Tyrfing was owned by two who live,
Though only one owned it later.

Tell me the truth, that the timeless gods
May bless your grave. Have you got Tyrfing?
Why are you unwilling to yield
Your heritage to your only child?

Then it was as if a flame lit up all the graves which stood open. Then Angantyr said:

Graves open and Hel's doors,
The island surface is one searing flame,
All without is a horror to view:
Go, while there's time: return to your ship.

With no flames, tonight or ever,
With no fire can you frighten me,
Nor daunt the heart in your daughter's breast
With ghosts standing at grave-mouths.

Hear me, Hervor, hear from me now,
Daughter of princes, the doom I fortell:
This Tyrfing will, if the true blade,
Destroy your kindred, kill them all.

You will bear a son, a bold warrior,
Who shall wield Tyrfing, trust in its strength:
After Heidrick shall the hero be named,
The bravest one under heaven.

Churlish cowards! May my curse fall
On all of you: may you ever lie
Wretched shades, in the rot of the pit.
Give back the wonderous work of smiths:
Son of Vikings, it is vain to hide it.

No mortal maiden to me you seem,
Who walk in the dark where the dead lie,
Uncowed by flames, with a carved spear
And mailed corselet on Munarvag.

A mortal maid to men I seemed
Until advised to visit your halls:
Surrender the blade, the Bane-of-shields,
Hater-of-Byrnies, Hjalmar's-Killer.

Hjalmar's-Killer lies under my shoulders,
The sharp sword, sheathed in flame:
No maiden on earth, no mortal dare
Touch such a weapon, take it to hold.

I will touch the weapon, take hold of
The sharp edge. In order to get it
I will walk through fire with unflinching step:
The flames are sinking before my eyes.

Reckless maiden, rather than see you
Fling yourself on the flames and perish,
I will grant what you ask, give you the blade:
Such courage of heart I cannot refuse.

You have done well, dead warrior,
To grant what I ask, give me the blade:
To possess the sword seems to me better
Than to own all Norway.

Alas, daughter, little you know.
Wretched woman, at what you rejoice:
I tell you again, this Tyrfing will
Destroy your kindred, kill them all.

With a glad heart I will go now
To ride the horses of the roaring sea:
Little care I what may come after,
What dole my sons may deal each other.

Long may you hold it and long enjoy it!
But conceal it well. Beware the edges
Of Hjalmar's-Bane: both are poisoned.
Mortal to man is the Measurer-of-Fate.

Farewell, daughter: would I could give you
All the strength and stoutness of heart
That was taken from Arngrim's twelve sons,
The good of life they lost in death.

I will hasten hence: I am eager to be gone.
Blessed in your graves, may you be at peace.
I deemed in my mind that death was near
When all about me leaped high flame.
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Laura Gibbs

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I need to find a book of legends from Ariosto to share with my class! :-)
Who's afraid of this sea monster?

Arnold Böcklin (1827-1901)
"Roger freeing Angelica" (1873)

"..looking down (Roland) Angelica descried
In pasting, to the rock with fetters tied; ..
Destined to be a monster's evil prey:"
(from Ariosto's epic "Orlando Furioso", Canto X, 12, 13)
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Yes, I can imagine this with very comical captions :-)
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Laura Gibbs

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Great interview! This is why I cannot throw myself fully into the maelstrom of politics "in general" ... I just don't have the stomach to try to understand Trump, the gun lobby, etc. But I am willing to learn about edreformers and to try to be an effective activist for education. Pinging +George Station did you see this?

Green, head of research at Oxfam Great Britain, an international aid organization, and the blogger behind From Poverty To Power, has worked in the advocacy world for 35 years. He's found that no matter what issue you're fighting for — U.S. politics, ending the Syrian civil war or bringing down a Ugandan warlord — reform has the best chance of happening when you have a deep understanding of the system you're trying to change.

Duncan Green, a 35-year veteran of social justice and the author of a new book called 'How Change Happens,' says the real work happens after a protest.
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Wow, that is a good and important one Laura, thanks for sharing. Opposite sides needs to understand each other and have to find a common ground to start a valuable discussion, otherwise it's just screaming and hardening the individual positions without any chance for a change. Daryl Davis gave us a great example of how to handle this, turning some KKK guys just by listening and talking peacefully.
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Fun with emojis!
Use emojis in Google Docs for five fun learning activities for students.
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Thanks to +Cindy Brown for sharing this. Anne is very well-informed on European context:

SPIEGEL: Are alliances between newly nationalist governments a model for the future?
Applebaum: Ironically, yes: Steve Bannon, the White House chief strategist, appears to imagine an alliance between Trump, Le Pen, Geert Wilders and Nigel Farage. Call it the populist international, a fraternal association of the nationalist right, binding people who want borders, across borders.
SPIEGEL: Even though these populists are hostile towards internationalism.
Applebaum: They have common views. They hate the EU, they hate NATO, they dislike trade, they admire Russia. Many of them are funded by Putin.
In a SPIEGEL interview, Pulitzer-winning writer and historian Anne Applebaum talks about what the rise of Donald Trump means for Europe, what the future holds for NATO and whether democracy can survive the rise of right-wing populism.
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Yes! If we can focus on REAL GOALS instead of symbols, we will be able to use our resources much better.
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