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Things are about to get very competitive at work. Whoever gets the highest +Klout scores wins a prize. There will be a winner for the "Most Improved Klout Score" every 2 months and a winner for the "Highest Overall Klout Score" every Quarter.

Here are the team's results so far...

Myself = 33
+Danielle Easton = 19
+Jack Hutchinson = 44
+Jeff Whitfield = 30
+Dave Anderson = 31

Why not share your results with us too?

On your marks, get set, go!
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I am still trying to figure out Klout... my score is a 69 but I don't know if that's good or? In the real world... what does a good Klout score mean?
Paul it means you are interacting a lot on social networks. 69 is really good but in the "real world" holds little value in my opinion. Really it's more for rating your social influence more than anything.
I am with you +Paul Dilley  ... my score is 67 but I don't know what real time difference the score makes or why I need to strive to increase it
If you're in social marketing then it can be used as a metric on who is an influencer. This is important in brand marketing to include your own marketability.
Agree Paul. Sometimes I don't know how Klout manages its scoring. Many times I notice when my interactions are up, my Klout score goes down. Right now I'm at 66 for @bookpublish101 and 41 for @debbieelicksen. 
I agree you shouldn't focus on it, it's just another tool. Nothing more.
+Edward Kaul the purpose of Klout is to gamify social media relations, to make you want to get a higher score. Falling into that behavior is the problem.
I agree 100% but I love data so I look at it. :)
Good question. I know people that score high but really don't have a following. They're only in FB and say everything that pops into their head. Their friends always respond especially when it's controversial which they usually are. Not really much "klout" there.
+Edward Kaul exactly, it's all gamification. Examples of where a high score means nothing about clout in a business case, let alone any other case.
But if you also use their platforms like Twitter for instance, you get an idea of their true value in influencing people.
+Edward Kaul I have only connected my Klout account to social networks I associate with work which over the next year will hopefully be a truer representation of my authority as a blogger, etc.
+Edward Kaul how so when the % of bogus accounts in Twitter is so high? Even when they did stats on Romney vs. Obama, the percentage of bogus Twitter followers was substantial, enabling one candidate or the other to show an inflated "clout"
As much as I hate that Klout definitely seems to be about little more than gamification, I can't help but check on my score once in a while (currently a 57). I do find it useful to see what's comprising it, e.g., when too great a percentage is Facebook, I look to improve my interactions on other social networks that I consider more relevant to my professional life. 
That, and keeping away from score transparency is GREAT, as it makes it harder to "Game" your Klout score (unlike, say your Kred score, which simply adds a set amount of points for every action, without taking into account any other factors).
+Andrij Harasewych 'cept that's how it's used, as a way to "keep score" while you're trying to game the system. Or, as a way of showing off your "high score" when you apply for a job, measure your "stick", or try to brag about how much reach you have.
Klout is a pointless rating system. There are many ways you can easily fluff your Klout number to make you look more influential. 
Rate yourself by your engagement level. How often people engage you and so on. 
As a business owner, wouldn't you want to know who your biggest advocates are, and their scope of influence?
I see lost of usefulness with a system like Klout.

Obviously there are issues, they are putting an objective ranking based on a wholly subjective topic: influence.
And people that fake bump their scores up, typically end up losing that anyway, as Klout catches on to these tactics.
Just remember, it's NOT about your Klout score, it's about engagement and influence. If you are doing the first two, you won't have to worry about a Klout score, because it will be high.
+Laura Davis Exactly. It'll give everyone including yourself a really good idea of where you stand. I hope you're having a great Xmas.
Keep a look out. I'll  be adding the next batch of team results at the end of the month. This time it will also include the results of our blogger +Liz Robinson.
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