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In the age of integrated digital marketing, SEO copywriting skills are still absolutely essential. Learn more w/this excellent read by +Heather Lloyd-Martin
Have you avoided training your writing team (or getting training for yourself) because writers don't need SEO skills? Think again.

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If you're having a difficult time getting your head around machine learning and Rank Brain, bookmark this thorough read by +Eric Enge.
Is Your SEO Ready for the Machine Learning Revolution?

Learn how machine learning is revolutionizing search at Google, and the strategies you need for your SEO as a result.

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While conversion is the ultimate goal of every online endeavor, brands also want to create brand ambassadors. We want to create a continual funnel that draws people into the company fold. We want people to read our content, talk about it, share it, look into our company further because of that content, and convert.

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"...remember that your greatest asset is your customer base. There are hidden opportunities and small niche markets everywhere. You just have to keep your eyes open and watch for them."

A wicked smart, insightful read by +Gabriella Sannino on marketing lessons we all can glean from the U.S. election no matter our politics. Via the +Level343 blog.
First off, this is is not a political post; we make a point to stay away from politics in our postings. -And it doesn’t matter whether you’re happy with the results or were one of the people that crashed Canada’s immigration site. There is a HUGE marketing lesson we can all learn from the election, no matter what your political views are.

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Google makes massive, AMP-facing changes to its article structured data guidelines

As per some of the excerpts in the call-out image, Google has made sweeping changes to its structured data documentation for the article data type (in the screen captures additions are highlighted in yellow, strike-throughs indicate deletions):

The difference between rich results for AMP and non-AMP pages is now explicitly described

Previously the article data type specifications applied specifically to AMP, and essentially described how to make articles eligible to appear in AMP carousels.

Now Google says "your page is eligible for different features depending on how you code your page": AMP with structured data, or "non-AMP webpage with structured data".

There are now separate illustrations for the rich results generated by each use case: AMP carousels for AMP, and "non-AMP pages can be shown as a rich result in a rich result list, or in a carousel of similar non-AMP pages."

The new guidelines now very explicitly state the requirement that AMP have structured data to be eligible for rich results: "without structured data, AMP pages can appear only as standard blue links in Google Search results."

Property use now described separately for AMP and non-AMP pages

Previously a property was either required or recommended, irrespective of page type. Now each property's usage requirements are governed by whether it's an AMP page or not. For example, the image property is required by AMP, but only recommended for non-AMP pages. There are now, in fact, no required properties for non-AMP pages.

There's now a new category of usage for properties, "ignored". This is universally a property annotation that appears for non-AMP pages, and applies to most properties that are used by AMP: of the 17 properties enumerated only five are recommended, with the remainder being ignored.

TL;DR? Structured data use for articles is now heavily focused on content provided in AMP.

#google #richcards #richresults #schemaorg #amp

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Google expert +Jennifer Slegg expands on her original article, explaining the search impacts of its mobile first indexing change.
I updated this with all the new info this weekend, so it is about 3x as long :) All the added/updated info is marked with "New" or "Updated" and I added a table of contents so you can go to the sections you are interested in. Enjoy!

WTF? I'm seeing a lot of blatant self-promotion here. This is not the place for it. Please. We're trying to build a value-added community here. Please don't spam it.

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Get a load of these great tools, c/o +Gini Dietrich!
If you're a communicator, marketer, or run a small business, this gigantic list of tools (mostly free) is for you via +SpinSucks 

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Confused about RankBrain? Here +AJ Kohn ends the misinformation around it with one definitive tip: you can't optimize for it.

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Very helpful for those in international SEO!
What Is hreflang and What Does It Do?
With Google's Gary Illyes

Learn how Google interprets the hreflang tag and how to use it correctly if you have multiple language versions of your site from Google's Gary Illyes.
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