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Laura Crawford
Fiction writer. Coffee addict. Food truck hunter. Freelancer.
Fiction writer. Coffee addict. Food truck hunter. Freelancer.

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All you need is [a cup of] love ♡

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Swooning ♡
This is 100%....err...1000% true! I love love love LOVE this!!!!! #nerdlove #books #happiness

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So true. Happy Friday my Friends!!

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Yes, I love attending the Marine Corps Birthday Ball, but thank goodness it's only once a year. 

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If you love healthy subscription boxes, check out this one from +Yogi Surprise
+Nicole Kempka even has a 20% discount to share!

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A great circle of G+'ers. Thank you +martin shervington  :)
A Circle of Thanks!
You've all said something, done something, didn't do something, thought something, maybe sung something, eaten something or just been great over the past few months...
...and for that I thank you.
Some of you are in the Academy and pushing me to learn more everyday; many of you are my mentors, and a few of you I haven't seen for a while, but you've been of great support. 
p.s. I'm not in the circle, so I would ask you to please share away if you want to give people a boost...

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Sports Team Photos - Do you NEED them?
I read this post in perfect timing as we have our team photos coming up this Friday. Definitely something to think about.

h/t +Shell Things 
Picture time comes around every season. Do you really need to get that team photo? One mom's advice: 

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Increase your Facebook Page Post Reach
without paying for ads

While Google Plus is awesome, and I greatly appreciate the fact that they don't limit post reach here, the fact is that many bloggers and small businesses still do a lot of posting on Facebook. And that means we constantly have to fight through the limited reach issue. Here is a simple step that you can do to fight back against it, and gain more exposure. 

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Allergy Free Snacks and Treats
Great snacks and treats to make and take; before or after the game, practice, after school, or anytime you just need something easy and yummy. 

#foodie   #allergyfriendly  
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