Just when I thought my string of amazing discoveries during NGS 2012 week would be coming to an end, I received confirmation that my 23andme DNA test results were in! After following the link in the e...
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I've never taken on DNA testing, but all that you are gleaning makes me think about looking into it more. Thanks for sharing your discovery process. 
Laura, 23andme has changed their reporting on blood clotting disorders. See the Disease Risk tab for Venous Thromboembolism. When we did the tests the results included three of the inherited risk factors (prothrombin, factor V Leiden and ??) and were displayed under carrier status.

They seem to have extrapolated those results. The irony is that both my husband and I are reported as having a lower risk factor. Clearly not true since our daughter inherited one of the risk factors not tested for.
Thanks Susan...I'll be sure to check it out. I thought it was odd, and tried a number of variants, but clearly not the right one. I wish I could afford to have my Dad take the test. I definitely see how having him take it would help. We'll see.