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There are days I feel blessed we are living so far from our families - far fewer opportunities to annoy one another. And days I miss them so fiercely it's hard to make it to the evening.

Researching family history keeps me within their embrace, but not strangled. We humans are complicated things. Our families are exponentially more complicated.

As for you, my friend, I am grateful we've each landed in this place at this time. You have been a blessing to me.
For me, it started off with my wife being curious about her heritage, and I just took over, mesmerized as I was with all these tales of American history. My mother-in-law is visiting at the moment, and she just remarked I'm more familiar with her family history than she is.

Personally, it did get me closer to my dad's sister again. My father and her had been estranged for years, but after I contacted her with some questions I had on my grandparents, they started to get back in touch again, as well.
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