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This has been a rough winter. I just realized that one of me, Dan and Fenrir has been sick or uncomfortable for most of the winter this far. Like all of the last 2 weeks. How do we catch up on 2 weeks of bad sleep and sick and so I on?
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It does get better, our first year sucked too. Second year wasn't too bad, and the last 2 years, we have gotten ill at times, but kiddo was only out 2 days last winter and none so far this winter.
Catching up happens on weekends?
Also I did find washing kiddo's hands before leaving daycare and washing my hands after drop off and pickup seemed to make a small difference.

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The problem with people who leave their +1s showing things to their friends is that socially, one is kind of expected to +1 your friends' baby pictures, halloween pictures, etc. And if those baby pictures and so on are left public, your friends get their streams cluttered with the baby pictures of people they have never and likely will never meet. This The sharing +1s makes sense if it only applies to posts with content that is more open and less personal. But using +1ing for both "I socially approve" and "I want everyone I know to see it" means eventually you will be hidden by people who actually have enough clutter. (and that kind of clutter is why I still haven't gotten the energy to look at facebook, even though there are more people only there.)
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+ I finally get my nickname visible
- still not pseudonyms
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huh, i didn't even know stuff happened if you hover over a name...
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it is so sad, but my 50mm (canon 1.4f) seems to be losing it's focus. I guess the ratings did say it was fragile. I can't even turn it manually that close anymore :( If I have to go all Ls I'll be... well, slow is probably the only word for it.
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I understand Canon is pretty good about repairs for things like this.
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I don't know what the trigger is, but I feel the need to watch firefly again soon.
(and I already was starting to think it was near time for another escaflowne marathon, for no good reason at all. If the last time I finished it was 5 years ago, I will laugh)
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If you do Esca, let us know. Andrea hasn't seen it yet and wants to. Alternatively, I suppose we could try to cadge your copy...
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This is flying around Facebook. Thought I'd illustrate the point a bit further, download the pic, and pass it around on G+. Get to it people.  +1 this post. 
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Chris Shabsin originally shared:
Perspective is all.
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Just me.
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