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He'll probably get suspended for this.
Gary T.
A little compasion can go a long way...
Someone giving shoes to a shoe-less homeless person in the cold shouldn't be such a big story. 
Beats reading about Lohan's latest bar fight...
I agree and disagree with +Raymond Andrews on that. I feel what you're saying is that this sort of thing should be more common place and thus not celebrated because it's common. But the thing is that its not all that common. What's more common to see what's going on with the Kardashians. So I applaud the celebrity of the common people doing something nice for someone else. Kinda like being reminded to do good and not just try to get ahead of everyone else ( Not that there isn't anything wrong with striving for personal success)
+Dustin Smith boborone  Denis Scott got it. If you see someone in need and you can fill that need, you probably should.  It's a very nice thing that he did getting the shoeless man some shoes but it shouldn't be so out of the ordinary that it goes viral on the web and gets on the news. People helping people, ideally, should go almost unnoticed.
+Raymond Andrews : You're right in that when you do good deeds, you shouldn't do it just because you expect to be admired and/or rewarded - I'm sure this guy expected neither.

However, I think it's good for all of us to hear a story like this once in a while, as an inspiration. 
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