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Great posting, Laughing Squid. I have followed Gary Numan since I first
heard of him when I was in the 11th grade in 1976 in Killeen, Texas. My
god, his early work expanded my mind... and, perhaps, I killed a few brain
cells while listening to his music, too.
Out of Gary Numan's scores of songs, my favorite is -- Slowcar To China...
9:06 minutes of pure surreal music bliss! The only way I listen to Gary
Numan is blasting the sound through the Pioneer system in my HHR, or with
my SR80 Grado Labs Headphones!
"There's nothing here but us!" I had just turned 21 years old when
"Telekon" was released. Imagine how mind blowing this music was in 1980!
Great music never grows old!
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