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oh sorry didn't read the full thing. thats pretty cool!
i know its supposed to be a "butt" but...
Is that a butt or balls? freshly shorn balls. theres really nothing quite like it. Breathtaking. I would wear this stuff but I feel like everyones eyes would be directed to my naughty parts. Ok, I would totally wear this to work.
If I could get away with it, I would wear the bell board to work. That would be awesome.
+J Kissidac I saw a Yoko Ono exhibit at Tate Modern - I actually came away with a lower opinion of her 'art'. It's junk, art arouses passion and questions, Yoko's oeuvre arouses nothing other than indigestion.
It's modern art - 50's and 60's style - so it just looks old school and tired and trying way too hard. some good ideas, but over all, yeah... kind of meh.
Come on if yoko had never married john she would never had been famous on her own, have you heard her sing, ugh...
This sucks! Thank god John isn't alive to see this crap and have to say he supports it. 
...not impressed
jie lu
perfect position 
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