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My kids had a mind-blown moment watching that scene.  I might have to map out the scene in a story board or something to explain it better, because the commentary on matts and green screening is just not visual enough.
Hmm, I was really hoping the answer was going to be something clever rather than "Lots of CGI".
wow, we are in a time where some people think that CGI is not clever?
Watch some of the behind-the-scenes stuff done for "2001: A Space Odyssey", "Tron" or "Children of Men" if you want to know what cleverness and ingenuity in SFX looks like. Getting dozens of animators to fake an entire shot with CGI is a brute force approach. I'd have admired the scene a lot more if it had been done with clever camera angles, a giant prism, or something like that.
Using camera angles and giant prims is a brute force approach.
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