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Tom Cruise is a reason not to see a movie. I have no faith in the vision of any director that would work with him, or think he would be a good fit for their project.
I dislike Tom Cruise as a person, but I respect him as an actor.

I wish he could be a better person, but I'm not going to punish myself by not enjoying his acting.
I saw the preview for this movie and it looks like one I want to watch!
Erik H.
Completely agree, +Doug Poston. Tom Cruise has the ability to make you completely forget that he's batshit insane when he's playing a role. 
I hope +Tom Cruise reads this stuff. He has time. Family obligations at an all time low. 
Erik H.
If he does, here's a special message just for him:
Mr. Cruise,
  You are batshit insane. You are also a pretty damned good actor.

A person who has seen a few of your films
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