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Holy crap. for that size, it's criminal that they are charging 1300 to 1500. It should be no more than 850. Disgusting.
+Alex McNair At ~22'x10' (simplest math) minimum I'd say that sounds at first a bit like an oversized dorm room. I'm pretty sure that a row house I once lived in (very different place) was between 20'x35' and 24'x40' (at the very largest). It was quite comfortable for 2-3 starving college students.
The price is what I find most offensive. Heck with fruit, how are they going to afford Ramen? +Chloe Sellers 
Better question. Is there a bathroom?
Definitely time to hit up Ikea as they have layouts for apartments that small.
Ooh, very nice. Time for me to make my move there.
Wow thank god my apartment is massive! 
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