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nothing else to do I suppose... smh
Aaaahhhhhh O_o might not be so bad if it didn't look like a baby that didn't survive the delivery!!
Very creepy in deed. Why would anyone want this? The fact that you can eat the baby face even creepier!
looks like a death mask.
I am a parent of children.  There is a deep, primal fascination in eating the head of a child.  Just chocolate though!!!
Not really.  Just the thought of it.  Where is Baba Yaga when you need her?
Wait till you have children.
She intentionally gave them a livor mortis pallidness. She clearly has a knack... Pretty f**king disgusting, though. 
Hideously gross- the very idea that it's edible makes it even more disgusting & morbid.
Everything is edible!!!  More so with a little Ketchup!
You don't have to eat real ones?
For those of you out there that always wanted to devour a babies head.  Hey, I'm not judging.   ........  Yes, yes I am.
Not always!!  The wine has to compliment the meal!
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