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Imagine how lonely you must feel if you don't even have an iPhone to dock!
This is why people make fun of apple users
what if they splatter food all over their $$$ phone you need to bib the phone
If one can't put the phone down for the short amount of time it takes to eat a bowl of food. SEEK HELP!
Can I eat cold cereal in it too?
I wouldn't mind having this on lunch breaks, but I'd want it oriented landscape for watching video.
You could have indigestion in that..focus your attention in your food..
I love my ramen, so this just made me laugh.
Hmmm... lot of questions ...
Does it charge the phone?
Is it for iPhone 4 or 5 connector?
Does it have a speaker?
Most importantly why it is not called iBowl?
Bad idea!  The first time you tip your bowl forward to sip the soup without thinking, your phone will fall into the bowl.

PRESTO!!  Powdered Raman soup mix damage!
Winz W
Lonely is one thing but this will just make you look pathetic. Can't see how this can be cool. Glad that Android is not part of this.
Damn now my favorite cereal bowl is gonna get its ass sued off:'( 
Isn't their life pathetic enough just having an i-phone? 
Ironically, this will end up isolating people even more....
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